Our people

GRUPO IBERCONSA’s main asset is its first-rate team of people, which receives ongoing training and is growing all the. Our workforce comprises more than 3,750 people across the five continents, and. our tried-and-tested approach is to recruit and train talent, while prioritising teamwork, personal development and initiative as part of a unique vision and strategy.


At Iberconsa we perform the strictest quality controls on our products throughout the entire value chain, right from source, a process that comprises the extraction, processing and marketing of the product.

Continuous improvement

We truly care about meeting the expectations of our customers in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

At Iberconsa we are engaged in a process of continuous improvement: in 2017 we completed renovation of cold store facilities in Argentina, and we have a large quality-control team that combines human expertise and cutting-edge technology and, makes use of the very best equipment.


At GRUPO IBERCONSA we make every effort to ensure that in going about our everyday activities we guarantee the future availability of seafood, working with others so that species stay healthy and grow in size, all while maintaining the right balance.

MSC Certificate

In guaranteeing and certifying that we carry out our activities ethically, responsibly and with the smallest possible environmental impact, we pursue a policy of continuous improvement. As a result, we have obtained an MSC Sustainable Fishing Certificate for the South African fishing grounds, which is based on compliance with the MSC environmental standards.


MSC Chain of Custody certificate

We have also been awarded the MSC CoC,, which complies with the MSC standard for the chain of custody and traceability of fish products.

This certificate ensures that only products originating from certified fisheries can carry the blue MSC, which tells buyers and consumers that the fish or shellfish they are purchasing can be traced to a fishery that complies with the MSC environmental standard for sustainable fishing.


IFS BROKER Certificate

We also possess the IFS BROKER certificate, which guarantees that service providers each implement the correct measures and operate in accordance with the quality and safety requirements pertaining to the respective products. Brokers, agents and importers must also ensure their service providers comply with legal and contractual requirements.


ASC standards help protect communities and the environment, and ensure the ongoing viability of the aquaculture industry.

We take great care in ensuring that our fishery products are cultivated in line with legal requirements and the ASC certificate. Our customers and consumers can be absolutely safe in the knowledge that our products are the result of well-managed farming.


We engage in a range of CSR activities and sports and food-related sponsorship deals that project key ethical and social values, helping to tackle issues of concern to society.
Campaigns we support:

EcoVadis GOLD MEDAL Sustainability Award

Iberconsa achieved the Ecovadis Gold Medal in Sustanibability and Corporate Social Responsability.

The EcoVadis assessment evaluates how well a company has integrated sustainability and corporate social responsibility principles into its business management system. It thoroughly reviews ethics, labor & human rights, sustainable procurement, and environmental practices. Achieving this purpose-aligned milestone shows how this team truly lives our Purpose of blending care and creativity to nourish the world

Established in 2007, EcoVadis is the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings focused on corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, working to help companies improve their environmental and social practices through their global supply chains. It assesses more than 90,000 companies from over 160 countries across 200 business sectors on corporate policies, initiatives and achievements in four key areas: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement

Trade shows

We take part in fishing-industry trade shows:
Seafood North America, Boston.
del 13/03 al 15/03

Seafood North America, Boston.

Marca, Bologna
del 12/04 al 13/04

Marca, Bologna

Seafood Global, Barcelona
del 26/04 al 28/04

Seafood Global, Barcelona

Fish Bremen (fórum para KKAA de congelado)
del 04/09 al 06/09

Fish Bremen (fórum para KKAA de congelado)

Conxemar, Vigo
del 04/10 al 06/10

Conxemar, Vigo