The Group

World leaders in the capture and production of Argentine red shrimp and frozen hake.

Annual fleet growth
57,500 tons in Argentinian fishing grounds and 48,500 tons in South African and Namibian fishing grounds
Workers across the Group as a whole
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Millions in turnover
Years of experience
Own production
Commitment to sustainability


GRUPO IBERCONSA has achieved complete vertical integration from the source of the product through to the end consumer:

Our commitment is based on the exhaustive control of processes, from the moment of capture through to delivery to the end client. We are experts in each and every one of the phases in the value chain: from the capture and processing of your seafood products to their distribution and marketing.


Our priority at GRUPO IBERCONSA is natural products sourced from the wild.



Good things start with the selection of the best products.


Our main asset at GRUPO IBERCONSA is our team of people. We have more than 2,500 employees across five continents.


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" ["post_title"]=> string(100) "Veterinary students from the University of Buenos Aires, visit our squid jigger boat, Don Francisco." 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The event, organized by the Mar del Plata Consortium and directed by Gabriel Felicia, was held in the port area of the city and welcomed thousands of visitors who gathered to celebrate the centenary of the first fish unloading maneuvers that ocurred in the port. During the welcoming ceremony, a tour of the port's history was reviewed and the importance of the port for the city and its people was also highlighted. A huge number of sponsors wanted to be part of this important event among which Giorno, a subsidiary of Iberconsa Group in Argentina, has collaborated to open the port to the city and its tourists with the organization of concerts, shows and sporting events as the most outstanding activities. Thank you all very much for your attendance and see you in future editions! " ["post_title"]=> string(38) "MAREA Festival, held in Mar del Plata." 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Conxemar this year has managed to bring together representatives from more than 40 countries, with an exhibition area of 37,000 m2, thanks to the expansion of an additional hall and around 700 exhibitors who were able to showcase their activity at this important event that has already established itself among the most important fairs in the world for the sector, both in terms of visitor numbers and turnover. At our stand, one of the largest and busiest in the exhibition centre, we were visited by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, among others, who visited the 23rd Conxemar Fair and was able to visit our stand to see first-hand all our new products. As a special event, this year we were once again able to organise the traditional Gala dinner that the Iberconsa Group holds on the first day of the fair. We have counted with the presence of customers, suppliers and national and international institutions, and among them we had the pleasure to have the visit of the Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, who recognized the high quality of our products as we can see below. [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="" preload="auto" poster=""][/video]   During the gala, our CEO, Alberto Freire, and our general manager, Alberto Encinas, highlighted the sustained growth of our company throughout its history, and the strategic pillars on which we are building our present and future growth. We would like to thank all the attendees for their presence at our stand for another year! Thank you very much and see you at Conxemar 2023!" ["post_title"]=> string(43) "Historic edition of the Conxemar Fair 2022." 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Within this trade, frozen fish stands out above all, with 26,727 tonnes and a 7.3% increase on last year.   Iberconsa manages a total of 128,000 tonnes of catches per year, of which 24,000 tonnes come from the African country, accounting for more than 18% of its total catches.   The CEO, Alberto Freire, also recalled the pull of the fleet we have in South Africa, as an allied market with Namibia, and where another 13,000 tonnes of fish a year are processed.   The presence of companies such as Iberconsa in Africa helps to boost the local economy by generating employment and wealth. That is why this visit has been of great importance to continue maintaining and strengthening trade relations in the maritime-fishing field with the African country." ["post_title"]=> string(73) "The Namibian Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources visits Iberconsa." 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We have therefore decided to expand the range of products we offer at Ready to Cook by introducing two new salmon and cod dishes that are of the highest quality and can bring many healthy benefits to your diet, as well as being quick and easy to eat.   Salmon loins with linguine with fine herbs and cod loins with chickpeas and spinach are the two new recipes in the range that you can find in the frozen food store.   On the one hand, salmon is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals as well as being a low-calorie fish.   Besides that, cod also is one of the tastiest white fish. It is easy to digest and very low in calories, and thanks to its omega 3 fatty acid content, it helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, promoting blood circulation." ["post_title"]=> string(89) "We have added two new recipes with salmon and cod to our NÓS, Ready to Cook brand range!" 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