We have added two new recipes with salmon and cod to our NÓS, Ready to Cook brand range!


As we introduce you some time ago, with the launch of the NÓS, Ready to Cook brand range, we wanted to extend the Iberconsa Group’s leadership in seafood products, creating some recipes with our star products, wild red shrimp and hake, perfect for including in a rich and healthy diet.


Food is a very important factor for our health nowadays, and we often do not pay enough attention to it, either due to lack of time or our lifestyle. We have therefore decided to expand the range of products we offer at Ready to Cook by introducing two new salmon and cod dishes that are of the highest quality and can bring many healthy benefits to your diet, as well as being quick and easy to eat.


Salmon loins with linguine with fine herbs and cod loins with chickpeas and spinach are the two new recipes in the range that you can find in the frozen food store.


On the one hand, salmon is an excellent source of proteins, vitamins and minerals as well as being a low-calorie fish.


Besides that, cod also is one of the tastiest white fish. It is easy to digest and very low in calories, and thanks to its omega 3 fatty acid content, it helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, promoting blood circulation.